Wisconsin Process Server

A summons is ordered by the court and is the start of a lawsuit.

When it's time to evict a tenant, there is a process that must be followed and papers that must be served to the tenant.

Many process servers are also skip tracers, private investigators and sometimes just private citizens.

When a person opens the door and identifies themselves as the person asked for, the process server hands them the paperwork and leaves.

When you have an action against you and you are being taken to court, delivering the legal document that explains the process to you must be handled in a specific way.

It is vitally important to use a process service to be sure that everything is done to the letter of the law in the state where the process is being served.

When someone needs to appear in court to settle a lawsuit, the paperwork telling the person when the court date is needs to be given by due process of the law and delivered by a legal process server.

Delivering a summons to appear in court may sound like an easy job, but sometimes people hide and won't open the door.

Any type of bank levy or request for order cannot be mailed to the party involved.

When parents are fighting over custody of a child, there may be a process served to bring them to court for a verdict.

It's generally the opinion that if you have someone serving you papers, it is a bad thing.

If you are being served process, it is not a good idea to discuss your case with the person bringing the papers.

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We are a detail oriented company that will do your service legally and within the time frame necessary.

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If you are being served papers for a civil case, a process server will bring the paperwork to you.

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There are many laws that govern the serving of process and they must be followed exactly.

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